Mobile Primary Jaw Crusher

NK series Mobile Primary Jaw Crusher are the perfect combination of compactness, mobility and high performance featuring an imposing jaw crusher from the performant jaw crusher series. Typically used in mining, quarrying and recycling, These mobile jaw crushers are ideal for work in urban regions with a limited surface.

Using a single toggle jaw, NK series mobile jaw crushers are high performing mobile crushers able to crush all types of natural stones from the hardest granites to more abrasive varieties. Moreover, they are also used for recycling by reducing materials such as asphalt, concrete and other construction materials.

Mobile hard stone crusher is a perfect solution for crushing very hard rocks with high abrasiveness and Silica (SiO2) ratio such as granite, basalt, gabbro etc.

It is also possible to crush any other stones such as limestone, riverstone, dolomite . Presence of primary jaw crusher enables to crush big and hard rocks. On the other hand, thanks to the secondary cone crusher it is possible to make the second stage crushing of the hardest materials.

The perfect interaction of the mobile jaw crusher components makes them super-efficient and extremely productive.
Furthermore, NK series come with different sizes and features and are supplied as standard or customized versions.

Easy to Maintain

The PLC screen in the control cabin notifies the user of occuring breakdowns and its place. There are no issues related to hydraulic systems since the machine operates on electricity and diesel. Maintenance and part replacements is very simple and can be done

High Capacity Crushing

The mobile jaw crusher is equipped with reliable and greatly efficient jaw crushers from the BCK series. These crushers are able to crush all types of natural stones at high output even at tight opening settings.

Model Feeding Equipment Crushing Equipment Max. preparedness capacity(t/h) Overall Dimension Weight (t)
Model Model Max. Feeding Size(mm) output
Transport dimension (need tear-down)
KE600-1 TSW0936 PE600×900Ⅱ 500 90-180 100-210 12150×2600×3950(mm) 43
KE750-1 TSW1139 PE750×1060 630 110-300 130-330 13000×2850×4400mm 61
KE760-1 TSW1139 PEW760 640 150-310 170-330 13000×2800×4200(mm) 55
KE860-1 TSW1345 PEW860 720 200-420 230-450 14600×3000×4500(mm) 64
KE1100-1 TSW1548 PEW1100 930 300-600 350-650 14050×2900×4000(mm) 96
KF1214Ⅱ-1 TSW0936 PFW1214Ⅱ 500 110-190 120-210 12150×2600×3980(mm) 48
KF1214Ⅱ-1 TSW1139 PFW1214Ⅱ 500 110-190 140-230 13000×2800×4200(mm) 53
KF1315Ⅱ-1 TSW1345 PFW1315Ⅱ 600 180-280 190-310 14600×3100×4500(mm) 61
KF1415Ⅱ-1 TSW1548 PFW1415Ⅱ 700 280-450 310-480 14050×3000×4000(mm) 74