Demolition construction waste treatment and recycling reuse

The importance of construction waste treatment and recycling for reuse.

The treatment and recycling of construction waste not only helps to reduce environmental pollution but also realizes the recycling of resources, with significant environmental, social, and economic benefits. With the rapid development of urbanization, the amount of construction waste generated is increasing day by day. How to effectively deal with this waste and convert it into useful resources has become an urgent problem to be solved.

The demolition and construction waste treatment process

Preliminary Processing and Classification

The treatment of construction waste first requires preliminary sorting, including screening out recyclable waste steel bars, metals, wood, etc. These materials can be reused after sorting, reducing resource waste.

Recycled Brick Production

The bricks and stones, cement concrete blocks, etc. in construction waste can be crushed into aggregates through crushing equipment, then screened and graded by vibrating screens to remove impurities, forming raw materials for building materials with certain particle size requirements. These materials can be used to produce new building materials such as recycled bricks.

Recycled Aggregate Production

The use of construction waste to produce recycled aggregate is currently one of the main ways to recycle construction waste in China. After initial cleaning and sorting, the remaining bricks, stones, cement concrete blocks are crushed into aggregates by crushing equipment, which are then used to make different building products and road construction products.

Other reuse pathways for construction waste

In addition to the aforementioned processing methods, construction waste can also be used to produce new types of wall materials such as concrete hollow bricks and concrete porous bricks, as well as concrete pavement bricks such as road surface bricks, permeable bricks, and curbstones. Moreover, construction waste can be directly used for the reconstruction of buildings; severely damaged wooden components can be used as raw materials for wood-based recycled panels or for papermaking and other purposes.

The equipment selection for recycling and reusing construction waste demolition.

Mobile construction waste treatment equipment is recommended for the demolition construction waste treatment due to its flexibility and convenience. These types of equipment can be redesigned and modified according to the actual site, which is very suitable for construction waste crushing. They usually include two-stage crushing (mobile jaw crusher + mobile impact crusher) or single-stage crushing (mobile heavy hammer crusher), which can realize closed-circuit circulation, improve crushing efficiency, and are easy to operate, saving labor costs.

In summary, the treatment and recycling of construction waste from demolition can be achieved through a series of technologies and equipment. This not only helps to alleviate environmental pressure but also promotes the recycling of resources, achieving sustainable development of the economy, society, and environment.