River Pebbles Crushing and Sand Making Production Line

A 1000-ton per hour river pebble crushing and sand making production line is an efficient sand and gravel processing production line. It mainly includes processes such as crushing, sand making, and screening, and can produce different specifications of stone materials. Such a production line is suitable for large-scale sand and gravel production needs. If you need a medium or small-scale processing line, you can use it as a reference and tailor more specific production plans according to production requirements.

Line configuration and equipment selection

The main equipment of a 1000-ton per hour river pebble crushing and sand making production line includes jaw crushers, cone crushers, sand making machines, sand washing machines, vibrating screens, and vibrating feeders. These devices successively complete the steps of coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing for sand making, screening, and cleaning. For example, the vibrating feeder sends the material into the jaw crusher for coarse crushing, the cone crusher is responsible for secondary crushing, the sand making machine is responsible for fine crushing and sand making, while the washing process is completed by the sand washing machine.

There are multiple suppliers on the market that provide equipment for this type of production line. For instance, Gongyi City Huazheng Heavy Industry Machinery Factory produces roller crushers, four-roller crushers, drum screens, and offers a nationwide free consultation hotline. Additionally, Zhengzhou Dingsheng Sandstone Project Department provides comprehensive services for the research and development and installation of complete sets of equipment for river pebble sand making production lines, including project engineering design, civil construction, installation, main equipment and spare parts, as well as after-sales service.

The advantages of the production line

The production line for crushing and sand making of river pebbles with a capacity of 1000 tons per hour adopts efficient equipment and technology, which can achieve high production efficiency while ensuring product quality. The hourly output range of this production line is 1-1590t/h (referring to the jaw crusher), and even higher yields can be realized by using multiple devices in cooperation or building two production lines.

Modern production line designs are increasingly focusing on environmental protection and sustainability. For example, some production lines adopt wet-process production, equipped with wastewater treatment systems, with a water recycling rate of over 95%, and the pollution problems generated throughout the production process are within a controllable range.

The equipment of this production line is easy to maintain, with low operating costs and a long service life. The wear-resistant parts are made of high-strength materials currently available in China, which have low wear and tear and a long service life, and can bring considerable economic benefits to customers.

In summary, the 1000-ton per hour river pebble crushing and sand making production line is an efficient, environmentally friendly, and reliable solution for sand and gravel production. By means of reasonable equipment configuration and advanced technology application, it can meet the needs of large-scale sand and gravel production and bring good economic benefits to enterprises.