Granite crushed into sand has a variety of uses

When granite is crushed into sand, it has a wide range of uses, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

The application of the construction industry

Granite sand is generally used in the construction industry, meeting the demand for sand in urban construction, high-speed rail, airports, bridges and other infrastructure construction. Granite sand is also used in the production of high-grade concrete and pile pipes.

High-strength concrete equipment

Gravel with a particle size of 16-31.5mm is commonly used for the foundations of large high-rise buildings and road bases, characterized by high strength and good adaptability; gravel with a particle size of 10-20mm is more suitable for small-volume concrete equipment, with better slump and higher fluidity; gravel with a particle size of 5-10mm, although also commonly used for equipping concrete, has a smaller particle size, serving to reduce porosity and save binder materials, among other functions.

Resource recycling

The waste materials generated during the processing of granite have been put to reuse, reducing the excessive exploitation and the tight supply of sand and gravel.

Environmental protection and economic benefits

Granite sand making not only has the advantage of good particle shape, but also has high-quality finished products that meet the national standard for high-quality sand and gravel materials. In addition, modern sand making equipment has contributed to reducing dust emissions, creating a green sand making environment for users.

In summary, granite sand has a wide range of applications after being crushed. It can not only be used in various construction projects but also serve as raw material for high-strength concrete, offering the benefits of resource recycling and environmental protection. With the advancement of technology, the process of making sand from granite is continuously improving to meet higher standards for building quality and environmental friendliness.