Crushing and screening line for silica ore

A silicon ore crushing and screening production line is a process for processing silicon ore into products of different particle sizes. This production line usually includes multiple stages such as crushing, screening, and transportation, involving various specialized mechanical equipment. Below are some relevant information about the silicon ore crushing and screening production line obtained from search results.

The main equipment of the silicon mine crushing and screening production line.

Crushing equipment

The crushing process of silica mines generally includes two stages: coarse crushing and fine crushing. The coarse crushing stage uses a jaw crusher, which has the advantages of large crushing ratio and high production capacity, making it suitable for hard materials like silica. In the fine crushing stage, a cone crusher may be used to provide relatively uniform particle size of the material.

Screening Equipment

The screening equipment is mainly used to separate silicon stones of different particle sizes. The commonly used screening equipment is the vibrating screen, which can be set up in multiple layers according to need to achieve more refined particle size grading.

Transportation Equipment

Conveying equipment such as belt conveyors is used to transport the crushed and screened materials to the next stage.

The operation process of the silicon stone mine crushing and screening production line.

Coarse crushing

Large blocks of silica ore are fed uniformly into the jaw crusher for coarse crushing through the feeder. The coarsely crushed material is screened by a vibrating screen, and qualified material enters the next stage, while unqualified material is returned to the jaw crusher for re-crushing.

Fine crushing and screening

The material that has undergone coarse crushing enters the cone crusher for fine crushing treatment, and then passes through the vibrating screen for screening to obtain silicon stone products of different particle sizes that meet the requirements.


The purification processes of silica mainly include scrubbing, magnetic separation, flotation, acid leaching, etc., depending on the different impurities and inclusion states of the silica. These steps can help improve the quality and purity of silica products.

The investment cost and benefits of a silicon mine crushing and screening production line.

Investment cost

The investment cost of a silicon mine crushing and screening production line mainly includes equipment purchase costs and other auxiliary expenses (such as installation, transportation, environmental baseline attainment, etc.).


After processing, silica ore can be used to produce glass, ceramics and other building materials products with suitable particle size, or as raw materials for the production of cement and other building materials. Therefore, establishing an efficient silica ore crushing and screening production line not only provides a stable supply of raw materials but also brings good economic benefits.

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