What equipment is required for lithium ore dressing process?

In recent years, the new energy market has great prospects, and the demand for battery metals such as lithium and nickel has risen significantly. The development and utilization of lithium ore has become the focus of attention. The lithium ore dressing process includes crushing and screening, grinding and grading, sorting, concentrate dehydration and other stages. Now we will take you to understand the mineral processing equipment required for each stage of lithium ore dressing.

Lithium ore crushing and grinding process flow chart
Lithium ore crushing and grinding process flow chart

Lithium ore crushing and screening stage

At this stage, jaw crushers and cone crushers are mostly used in crushing equipment. Among them, jaw crushers are used for coarse crushing of lithium ore, cone crushers are used for medium and fine crushing of lithium ore, and the screening equipment is mainly round vibrating screens.

Lithium ore grinding grading stage

In the grinding and grading stage of lithium ore, in order to ensure that lithium minerals are fully dissociated from gangue mineral monomers, the grinding equipment can use wet lattice ball mills, rod mills and other lithium ore sorting stages.

Lithium ore grinding grading stage

Lithium ore sorting stage

Since lithium ores usually have a variety of different associated minerals, it is often necessary to consider the comprehensive recycling and utilization of lithium ores. In the sorting stage, the sorting process of lithium ores is mainly based on the flotation process, and it is often combined with reselection, magnetic separation and other processes to form a joint sorting process.

Lithium ore concentrate concentration and dehydration stage

In order to obtain high-quality lithium concentrate, the lithium concentrate product needs to be concentrated and dehydrated after sorting. At this stage, a hydraulic center-driven high-efficiency concentrator can be selected for concentrate concentration.

In order to further achieve the required water content, the concentrate needs to be pumped into the dewatering operation through the slurry. The main equipment for the dewatering operation can choose disc vacuum filter, disc vacuum filter and other equipment.

The above are the mineral processing equipment required in the lithium ore dressing process. In actual production, the selection of mineral processing equipment needs to be determined according to the specific mineral processing process and processing capacity.

In order to avoid the waste of resources caused by inappropriate selection, it is recommended to conduct mineral processing tests before the construction of the mineral processing plant, and determine the mineral processing process and supporting mineral processing equipment through scientific and reasonable means.