Why choose VUS plastic sand tower?

VUS plastic sand making tower advantages:

VUS plastic sand tower
VUS plastic sand tower

1.After shaping through the VUS system, fine aggregates and sand with excellent grain shape can be obtained; (VSI6X shaping machine host)
2.System integration, high degree of automation, small footprint, fast construction and installation speed, convenient operation and operation: (Electrical control, modular design and manufacturing)
3.The system contains a full set of powder selection and dust removal equipment, which has good air tightness and can meet environmental protection requirements; (The interface of screening, conveying, etc. is sealed and negative pressure)
4.The fineness modulus of the finished sand can be adjusted by adjusting the content of 3-5mm; the optimal fineness modulus is Mx=2.7+0.2; (adjustable)
5.Due to the adjustable and controllable characteristics of the system, the sand obtained after passing the VUS meets the gradation of zone 2, and its thickness is applicable and the gradation is good.