What is standard artificial sand?

What is artificial sand?

Artificial sand is rock particles with a nominal particle size of less than 4.75mm formed by soil removal, mechanical crushing, screening and sorting of rocks. Combined with local resources, artificial sand can be prepared by using 5-15 mm of excess aggregate or stone chips generated in the production process of crude aggregates, which can not only make rational use of natural resources, but also effectively solve the problem of insufficient supply of natural sand.

High-quality artificial sand
High-quality artificial sand
Normal artificial sand

Qualified artificial sand standard:

  1. Fineness modulus: 2.6~3.0;
  2. Stone powder content: 3%~15%:
  3. Grading: Intermediate value of medium sand zone 2:
  4. Porosity: less than 42%
  5. Water content and mud content: the moisture content of sand for concrete is 3%~5%, the moisture content of sand for dry-mixed mortar is less than 0.5%, and the soil content is less than 1%.

What kind of sand making equipment to obtain high-quality artificial sand?