VU series high-quality machine sand production system

VU sand production system solve problem:

  • impact shaft sand making machine: sand, control the grain shape;
  • Winnowing screen: adjust the finished product sand grading, fineness modulus, sand control system of powder content;
  • Dust collector: environmental protection, fine powder collecting reuse;
  • Mixer mixing wet machine: control the water content, to the finished product saturated surface dry sand with sand, concrete mixing station)
VU sand production system
VU sand production system

VU series floor standing type mechanism of high quality sand system advantage:

(1) high quality artificial sand:Particle shape is cubic multi body, good occlusion, effectively improve the strength of concrete;Uniform particle size distribution, distribution and stability. Medium sand district 2, 0.63 the following content is 40%, 20% below 0.315. Solve the past 2.5 mm ~ 1.2 mm size of crushed sand, coarse sand, and demand is 0.6 mm to 0.3 mm and 0.3 mm ~0.15 mm difficulty in making the sand;Quality is stable, reliable, because its are stable production lines of industrial products: linear continuous gradation, compared with natural washed sand and inferior mechanism sand, each side C30 concrete can save cement 30 ~ 50 kg.

(2) the sewage treatment system, the need to save a lot of investment.

(3) powder content in the online control, easy to guarantee the normal powder content from 3% to 15%, and specific humidity method more accurate production control, in order to meet the requirements of high grade concrete with sand.

(4) associated with fine powder, it can be used in the low grade concrete blending to replace part of the gelled material, in accordance with the direction of the circular economy and sustainable development.

(5) the method of specific humidity area cleaner production, to produce more energy conservation and environmental protection.

(6) cover an area of an area small, each one of the main building only covers an area of more than 120 square meters), reduce power consumption by around 25% over the previous year, dust, noise, emissions under the relevant national standard requirements.

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