Semi-Mobile Crusher with Wheel-Mounted Trailer for sale, pictures and model

Semi Mobile Crusher with Wheel Mounted Trailer, also known as tire mounted mobile crusher and vehicle mounted mobile crusher, is easy to drive on the road without damaging the road surface by carrying a semi trailer trailer for traction and walking. At the same time, the operation efficiency is high, the crushing ratio is greater, saving space, which has attracted attention. However, how much is the price of a semi trailer mobile crusher? Now let’s take a closer look.

Price and picture of semi mounted mobile crusher

K3 series mobile production line is a tire type mobile production line specially designed for small and medium-sized production lines (100-300T). It is suitable for crushing, screening, shaping and sand making operations of various soft rocks, hard rocks and construction wastes. This equipment has 14 product line models in total, and 5 frames are equipped with 19 standard mobile equipment modules. The mobile production line has the following characteristics: mature host equipment, fast line assembly to meet operation requirements, modular and simple installation, flexible overall movement, standardization and generalization

The semi trailer mobile crusher adopts the modular assembly form to directly conduct multi-stage crushing of large stones and screen them according to certain discharge specifications, including the feeder, crusher, vibrating screen, conveyor belt, chassis, frame, generator set, etc. The equipment is integrated on one frame, which makes the production more rapid and reduces the transportation cost.

Model and picture of semi mounted mobile crusher

There are a total of 7 types of frames, covering soft and hard materials for crushing and sand making, which can be selected according to the characteristics, scale and requirements of finished products of processing raw materials. Therefore, there are coarse crushing mobile station, medium and fine crushing mobile station, sand making mobile station and screening mobile station for selection. Therefore, the configuration and model selection are different, and the price of semi mounted mobile crushers is different, usually hundreds of thousands to millions.