Power plant desulfurization grinding project in India

Power plant desulfurization grinding project is very important. Coal combustion emits a large amount of SO2, NOx and CO2, causing atmospheric environmental pollution, and acid rain is becoming more and more serious, greatly endangering our living environment.Therefore, it is necessary to increase the control of SO2 in thermal power plants.

Power plant desulfurization grinding project in India
Power plant desulfurization grinding project in India

Demand for desulfurization projects in power plants

Feeding: 0-12mm limestone CaO>81.6%, silicate content does not exceed 2%
Humidity: <0.1% H2O
Discharge: 200 mesh D90
Output: 30-35 t/h
Grinder model: MTW138
Customer: India TATA Steel

Power plant desulfurization Solutions

It adopts a tower-style design with a total height of about 25 meters, and adopts three parallel units, with a total hourly output of 30 tons.

Customer feedback

We have purchased project equipment from many countries around the world such as Germany, the United States, and India. We have been very impressed by the cooperation with MVSI this time. Now China’s equipment is indeed not as bad as that of Europe and the United States.

From the rapid response to the early inquiry to the later after-sales service, we feel that we are indeed thinking of our customers as a whole, especially during the equipment installation period, engineers and employees of the India office are resident on our construction site for guidance and follow-up. Everything is meticulous and serious and responsible.

After the commissioning and operation of the project, I was very satisfied as a whole. Although there were many problems in the middle, MVSI’s response speed and implementation of services quickly helped us solve the problem.At this point, what SBM has done is very satisfactory to us.

The output of the three equipment in the new factory is 30-35t/h. Not only is the output large, the environmental protection effect is good, and the power consumption is very small. The more important thing is that the power plant is particularly satisfied with our desulfurization agent; the fineness control is also very good, and the international standard control system also makes our work simple.We currently have other milling projects under negotiation, and we hope to reach the next cooperation intention as soon as possible.