New life of the building materials recycle reuse and recovery with mobile crusher

What building materials can be made from recycled building materials?

New life of the building materials recycle reuse and recovery
New life of the building materials recycle reuse and recovery

There are some materials: Roofing Tiles, Concrete,Indoor Insulation, Structural Lumber, Bricks,Floor Tiles…

Below, we’ll dive into more specific examples of how using recycled building materials has changed the way a number of materials are being produced.

MVSI mobile station uses construction waste and waste concrete to produce coarse and fine aggregates. Recycled building materials after treatment in mobile crushing station can be widely used to produce building materials such as concrete, mortar or blocks of corresponding strength grade; Coarse and fine aggregates can be used for road pavement base after adding solidified materials.

Processing materials: construction waste
Output: 200T/H
Feed particle size: 0-600mm
Discharge particle size: 0-60mm

Site conditions
According to the actual situation of customers, we have configured KF1315 Ⅱ – 1 mobile crushing plant. The vibrating feeder crushes the construction waste less than 600mm into PFW1315 Ⅱ European type impact crusher and crushes it into construction materials less than 60mm.

KF1315 Ⅱ - 1 mobile crushing plant
KF1315 Ⅱ – 1 mobile crushing plant

Customer evaluation
The raw materials we process are mainly construction waste, which often need to be transferred. The mobile crushing station configured for us by MVSI Company can achieve rapid transfer operations, without capital investment, simple installation, convenient maintenance, and good environmental protection effect. It is in line with our company’s production philosophy. More importantly, the finished materials have good particle size and high quality, which are completely suitable for the needs of road pavement base construction materials.