Natural pebble crushing project with mobile cone crusher

Crawler mobile cone crushing equipment In the crushing project, the whole equipment comes with a double-layer screen box, which reduces the use and procurement costs of the mobile screening station. By crushing natural pebble, customers have obtained greater economic benefits with extremely high work efficiency and high-quality construction quality.

Natural pebble crushing project
Natural pebble crushing project

C38 can be pre-sieved, which can discharge the fine material before it enters the host, increasing the operating cost of production and miniaturization, and greatly reducing the wear rate of wearing parts.The receiving hopper/feeder is equipped with a fully automatic metal detection system and a unloading system, which protects the crushing host and reduces the downtime caused by the manual removal of metal objects by the unloading machine.

Natural pebble crushing project

Natural pebble raw material information

Raw material: pebbles
Feeding size: 0-160mm
Compressive strength 237Mpa
Silica content 73%

Finished material demand

Output demand: 100-150mtph
Finished materials: finished aggregates with particle sizes of 0-6mm and 6-31.5 mm, respectively, are used in machine sand, construction coarse aggregates, etc.

Actual working condition data

Production capacity: 130mpth
Feeding size: 160mm
Host model: C38 cone host
Machine weight: 49000KG

In the actual working conditions and production environment, the double-layer grading screen brought by C38 can be removed, with a size of 3.66m×1.52m, and the oversized material can be sent back to the crushing host through the fuselage recycling conveyor belt.Under the condition that there is no need for screening and re-crushing, the fine material belt conveyor of the screening equipment can be quickly disassembled.When the optional lower screen and the optional stacking belt conveyor work together, another specification of product can be produced.


Particle size effect of finished material

Among the finished aggregates produced by C38, 0-6mm finished material is used as mechanism sand, and 6-31.5mm finished material is used as coarse construction aggregate.