Mobile crushing and screening for asphalt waste recycling

After the old asphalt milling material is crushed and screened, recycled asphalt reducing agent, a small amount of new aggregate and asphalt are added and mixed for pavement.

asphalt waste recycling

Asphalt processing solution

The user purchases a set of mobile crushing and screening plants, which is used for crushing and screening of asphalt milling materials.

The production line consists of:

The mobile impact crusher is suitable for primary and secondary crushing of aggregate treatment, solid waste treatment, mining, etc.

mobile crushing equipment

The waste asphalt recycling material is fed by the loader to the impact crusher. After the material is pre-screened by the impact crusher grate, the fine material is pre-screened, and the large material enters the impact crusher main machine for crushing. A return screening system is installed under the main conveyor belt of the impact crusher, and the oversized materials can be directly returned to the impact crusher for further crushing.

4 standard specifications of finished materials

The crawler mobile inclined 3-layer screening equipment in the industry, with high screening efficiency and convenient operation. The position of the four-stage conveyor belt can be adjusted through an innovative hydraulic control system during stacking and feeding. The materials that meet the size requirements are entered into the screening machine for classification, and 4 standard specifications of finished materials are generated.