MK series crushing and screening station

MK series crushing and screening station

Tire mobile station and tracked mobile station have their limitations:

Tire stations are limited by trailer frames and foundation supports. A single machine can achieve an output of 300t/h, but it is difficult to configure large-scale equipment on a single machine considering factors such as headlight steering and foundation compaction.

MK series crushing and screening station 01
MK series crushing and screening station 02

Tracked stations have high integration, but they are expensive and cannot achieve large-scale single-machine equipment. The production line requires more mobile platforms and longer production process lines. Both have blank or large equipment requirements for production lines with output above 400t/h, with large capital investment.

The drawbacks of a fixed production line are:

  1. Large civil investment, sometimes even larger than equipment investment;
  2. One-time investment, difficult to change the site;
  3. High demand for feeding height, resulting in a large number and long length of intermediate bins and conveyor belts, causing high cost;
  4. Intermediate bins and screening equipment need a large height for receiving materials, generally more than 10 meters high, which consumes a large amount of plates and materials;
  5. Long installation and production cycle.
    As a new type of crushing and screening equipment, the MK series crushing and screening station has advantages over tire and tracked mobile stations in terms of equipment configuration, production efficiency, investment cost, and adaptability to different working environments. It can better meet the needs of customers with different production requirements.