How much is the equipment for crushing stone into sand cases

the equipment for crushing stone into sand cases
the equipment for crushing stone into sand cases

The finished sand particles made by crushing stone into sand mechanically have a better shape, adjustable particle size, reasonable grade, low raw material cost, and relatively uniform overall. It will have better adhesion and adhesion when used in buildings, and it has also become a better investment project in recent years.

Machinery for crushing stone into sand

The machinery for crushing stones into sand is a special sand crusher with an annual sand crushing capacity of 60-650t/h, which integrates sand making and forming.The quality of the finished sand and gravel fine materials after treatment can reach the high standards of building materials. It is a good sand crushing tool and is suitable for crushing limestone and medium hardness stones with a compressive strength of less than 200MPa.If you have strict requirements for the quality of the stone, you can also be equipped with sand washer products to clean the stone to achieve satisfactory quality.

crushing stone into sand cases

  • Material: Dolomite
  • Output: 80T/H
  • Feed particle size: ≤40mm
  • Discharge particle size: 0-3 mm

On-site conditions

The material from the raw material warehouse is transported to the 5X1145 sand making machine for processing, and the crushed material enters the YK3X2675-3 vibrating screen for screening.The unqualified materials are returned to the sand making machine for further crushing, and the qualified materials are sent by the belt conveyor to the finished product warehouse.

Mechanical quotation for crushing stones into sand

The price of crushing stones into sand is tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands on the market, and the price is not fixed.The main reason is that there are many manufacturers of sand mills on the market. The cost of stone sand mills produced by different manufacturers is different, and the quotation of their equipment is also different.