How much aggregate can be recycled for construction waste?

More than 80% of construction waste is waste concrete, waste bricks, waste decoration materials and other building materials.Can concrete aggregates be used? The equipment used in the construction aggregate plant to process the crusher recyclable construction waste.

construction waste aggregate plant
construction waste aggregate plant

How much aggregate can be recycled from a ton of construction waste?

The conversion rate of construction waste into aggregates can reach 85%. One ton of construction waste can produce 0.85 tons of aggregate and 0.01 tons of scrap steel, and the rest is other waste.The price of aggregate is about 60% of the price of sand and gravel, which can account for more than 40% of the construction cost, which has a great advantage in cost.

Introduction to Two-part construction aggregate plant:

Fixed crushing production line for aggregate plants for construction waste

According to the different crushing requirements of users, choose different equipment for aggregate plants for construction. For example, if the material is limestone, hard rock basalt can usually be crushed .For the use of equipment, the cone crusher effect of the layered crushing principle will be better. Of course, if the user needs to discharge large-particle finished aggregates, only first-class crushing equipment can be used.

Mobile crushing production line for equipment for construction aggregates plant

Equipment configuration is conducive to overall environmental protection. If the local environmental protection control is strict, users can consider using mobile device configuration.

The operation of the equipment used in the construction aggregate plant can realize the continuous treatment of construction waste and the quality of the aggregate, and facilitate the subsequent resource utilization.Please contact us for more information.