Hard rock lithium mining process to produce lithium carbonate with vertical mill?

hard rock lithium mining process
hard rock lithium mining process

Benefiting from the development of the new energy automobile industry, the demand for new energy battery materials soared, followed by the rising prices of raw materials. It is understood that the price of lithium carbonate, one of the main raw materials of new energy, has risen from $10,000 per ton at the beginning of last year to more than $70,000 yuan per ton, and the price is still rising. China has also become a larger global lithium battery consumer market, with strong demand for lithium raw materials.

As the main raw material of new energy battery, lithium carbonate can not be directly obtained in nature, but can be used only after a series of processing processes such as lithium ore mining and beneficiation. In nature, lithium mainly exists in the form of lepidolite, spodumene and other ores, and these lithium ores are lithium oxide, so lithium carbonate needs to be obtained through processing.

The bulk materials after hard rock lithium ore mining are first coarsely crushed by electromagnetic beneficiation equipment; Then, under the action of the belt conveyor, it is uniformly sent to the pulverizer for deep grinding treatment; The lithium ore powder after grinding shall be screened reasonably by the spiral classifier, and the qualified materials after screening shall be sent to the flotation machine for separation and impurity removal; The lithium concentrate obtained after flotation can be dried.

LM Vertical mill can be selected for grinding lithium ore. The vertical mill adopts modern technology and has national patents, integrating drying, grinding, powder selection and transportation; The single machine has large output, high efficiency, small metal pollution, stable operation, centralized particle size distribution, and is proficient in the field of non-metallic mines.