Hard rock crushing: Granite aggregate processing design

Granite aggregate processing design

how to the design plan of granite sand production line?

Granite is hard rock. The main mineral components are quartz (about 55%), plagioclase (about 20%), potassium feldspar (20%) and a small amount of biotite (3%) and hornblende (2%). It has hard quality and high wear resistance. It is a high-quality raw material for mechanism sand and gravel.

However, granite is difficult to process, and the design of the production line and the selection of the machine are very critical. Today, let’s introduce the design plan of the granite sand production line.

granite sand production line
granite sand production line

The production line consists of:

J45 Mobile jaw crusher, the inlet size is 1070mm×760mm.
C38 Mobile Cone crusher , designed for hard rock, equipped with HPT cone crusher, bottom cone diameter 1300mm

The mobile inclined screening machine has a 3-layer screen box with a screening area of 6.1m×1.5m.

In addition to the above equipment, it is also necessary to support excavators and loaders