Gold mine tailings processing line Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is rich in gold reserves. After years of mining, Kazakhstan has deposited a lot of gold tailings. At the end of 2021, the local gold mine tailings treatment project sought suitable equipment suppliers and purchased three screening double-tooth roller crushers from MVSI.

Gold mine tailings crusher
double-tooth roller crusher
double-tooth roller crusher
three screening double-tooth roller crushers
three screening double-tooth roller crushers

Gold mine tailings Project introduction

The re-selection of gold mine tailings requires the pretreatment of crushing up and crushing the tailings first.The customer company’s gold mine tailings have been deposited for a long time (40 to 50 years), and the plates are compacted into blocks, and the winter in Kazakhstan is cold and long. The humidity and hardness of the gold mine tailings deposited all year round are higher than that of ordinary tailings, and the customer has high requirements for the pretreatment output of tailings.

After analyzing the materials, climate, and customer needs, MSVI engineers rejected conventional equipment such as impact crusher and jaw crusher, and recommended a screening double-tooth roller crusher to customers.

Basic situation of the production line

Raw material: gold mine tailings
Feed particle size: 300mm
Finished product particle size: 40-50mm
Output: 450 tons/hour
Equipment: 3 sets of screening double-tooth roller crushers

Equipment introduction

Double-tooth roller crusher, large-capacity graded crusher, is a brand-new concept of graded crusher. It is completely different from the traditional tooth roller crusher, which relies on impact and extrusion to crush materials. It is based on the combined action of shear and stretching to achieve material crushing. It uses high torque, low tooth roller speed and truncated tooth shape to obtain a specific product particle size, and the material is crushed to a smaller size.It is suitable for crushing materials below medium hardness in coal, electric power, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries.

Our double-tooth roller crusher absorbs the technical achievements of the British MMD company, and has made more scientific and reasonable innovations. It strengthens the wearing parts and adjusts the roller pitch. The transmission system, motor, and bearing are all equipped with well-known brands, which can operate safely in a cold environment of -50℃.