Crawler type mobile crushing station with opencast coal mining in Russia

In recent years, many countries have started open-pit coal mining. Crawler type mobile crushing station adopts an integrated machine body device, which integrates materials receiving, crushing, conveying and other process equipment. It can be driven by itself, with advanced technology and complete functions. It can reach any position of the work site under any terrain conditions.

In order to increase coal production, open-pit coal mines are generally buried underground, and the environment is relatively harsh. It is difficult to establish the foundation of the general crushing production line, and the mining is very difficult.

Coal mining in Russia

Crawler type mobile crushing station itself is equipped with crushing equipment (jaw crusher for coarse crushing, impact crusher for medium crushing, cone crusher for fine crushing, and optional compounding sand machine for stone crushing and shaping), which can be put into operation immediately without further disassembly and installation when entering the operation site.

It covers a small area, and is especially suitable for working sites with narrow sites and complex landforms, breaking through the terrain limitation of open pit coal mining, It can well adapt to the harsh environment of open-pit coal mining, save installation time, greatly improve the efficiency of coal mining, and help open-pit coal mining to achieve green environmental protection.