3-5 cm granite how to get quartz sand

Granite is mainly composed of quartz and feldspar, and its physical properties can also be classified as quartz sandstone. When crushed (3-5 cm)granite, we can get quartz sand which can be used to make sand for sand filters, decoration and other purposes.

The crushed granite is sent to the sand making machine for further crushing and shaping. The crushed material is screened by vibrating screen and sand making machine, and the required gravel is sent to the storage bin. The sand making machine is the core equipment to produce quartz sand. The machine reduces the crushed granite into sand powder through its external force and the frictional force between the particles itself.

In addition, the sand made by the sand making machine can be increased or decreased by the amount of steel required in the sand making process. If more steel is used, the formation of more round sand particles can be achieved, which will improve the utilization rate of the particles. On the contrary, if less steel is used, the output of the sand production process can be improved, but the sand quality will not meet the requirements.