15t/h bituminous coal grinding line in Vietnam

The coal grinding project supply pulverized coal fuel to lime kiln companies. we have tailored a “turnkey” project general contracting plan for it.

LM130M coal grinding mill complete system

Project address: Vietnam
Customer: A well-known local non-mining supply company
Equipment: LM130M coal grinding complete system
Material: bituminous coal
Output: 15 tons/hour
Production time: October 2015

Bituminous coal grinding process

The raw coal -> feeding belt conveyor -> crusher -> the cloth belt conveyor -> LM130M vertical mill -> static separator -> dust collector -> the warehouse pump pneumatic conveying system -> the lime vertical kiln site.

At the same time, in order to meet the requirements of safety and environmental protection, the system sets up a pulse dust collector to ensure the dust removal effect, sets up a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, a nitrogen explosion-proof system and an explosion-proof valve, and the system adds automatic control accessories such as oxygen analyzer, gas detection instrument and sensor to prevent system safety accidents in a timely and effective manner, and to ensure the continuity of equipment operation time to the maximum extent possible.

LM130M complete system advantage

Instead of traditional coal-fired boilers, pulverized coal boilers provide high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally friendly integrated large-scale grinding equipment that integrates five functions such as crushing, grinding, powder selection, drying, and material transportation.

The contracting services of the Vietnam coal mill project include

  1. Environmental surveys such as on-site topography
  2. Production line process design
  3. Raw material testing test
  4. Analysis of finished product requirements
  5. Customer investment cost budget
  6. Equipment installation and commissioning, etc.

Customer feedback

After the project was officially put into operation, it was highly praised by customers.Recently, the after-sales service team received feedback from the Vietnamese customer and hoped to discuss the cooperation of the second phase of the project with MVSI.